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She was a medical shinobi. Nevertheless, the sharp cramps irritated her.

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So did the peeing. She had to pee. It felt like it was constant, she knew the way she had always been asking to stop for a break the past week was beginning to annoy her husband. So she tried to stop it. She thought to herself, reminding herself that his seemingly insensitive comments were that of endearment. After all, he had asked her to be his wife. On the 13th day, the newly-wed couple made their way into a new town.

A tiny place, only a few houses and shoppes in the area. Sakura walked closely to her dear husband, watching as he examined the area. Watching him interact with the people of the town, her heart swelled with love and admiration for the man she called Sasuke-kun.

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He had been working so hard, for so many years to redeem himself of his crimes. Their home village of Konoha had forgiven him, and their friends in Suna had as well. There were still many who thought he should never be forgiven, who thought he should be thrown in jail or executed. Sakura tried not to mind any attention to them.

She knew her husband was a good man, that he planned to spend the rest of his days helping people and protecting the ones he held dear to his heart. As Sasuke spoke to the town leader, a little old man with a silly mustache, Sakura noticed a woman with a large, round belly and a small boy by her side. She approached them, a smile drawn on her tender features. He stepped behind his mother, peering around her leg. This is my son, Ako.

We do our best to keep ourselves healthy, but with so little money we have to buy what we can in order to sustain ourselves. There are plenty of plants in the area to make natural elixirs. Will you come here please! He approached the women and child. Will you get them for me? She took a quick look over Ako, then over Hyoshi. Is there a place we can go? Just as long as Sakura needed to heal them, under the circumstances of the pregnancy.

Hyoshi sat in a chair at the corner, watching this famed kunoichi treat her son. She stripped him to his underwear and scrubbed his back with water, cleaning the germs he picked up off and rinsing out his hair. The boy was feverish, Sakura guessed his temperature was around or degrees. With a fresh rag, she soaked cold water and lay in on top of his head. She told him to rest, that she was now going to help his mother before Sasuke returned. Walking to Hyoshi, she asked that she moved to a stool nearby and began a thorough examination of her.

Noting a strain on her lower and upper back, she attempted to use her medical ninjutsu to heal the pulled nerves. Much to her surprise, she was unable to focus her chakra as she was required to. She tried again, still unable to focus. She learned that Hyoshi was overdue to give birth, at least by 3 weeks. She fetched a glass of water for her two patients and waited with them for her husband.

Those times were theirs, theirs alone. Perhaps you were ovulating and his swimmers were stronger than the past times. Perhaps you were in a position that lead to it easier than most.

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They had done it in a cave, on a rainy night. Twice with her on top. After cuddling for hours, she found herself waking up highly aroused.

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Sasuke had been happy to give her satisfaction, though less enthused with her request to take her on her hands and knees. She loved it best like that, he was able to hit her in her most sensitive spots, she finished much faster and harder than their other positions. So much of it had applied to her now. Sasuke entered the room, a satchel of plants and berries, along with some bowls and jars. Sakura took the supplies from him and worked restlessly to create the needed medicine for Hyoshi and her son.

Sasuke watched intensely, following her each step with his eyes. She drank it happily. Two days later Hyoshi went into labor. Sakura stayed with Hyoshi, giving words of encouragement at the birth progressed.

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With a scalpel she cut the cord, wrapping the small newborn in a blanket and showing her to Hyoshi. She rinsed the baby girl off and gave her to her mother, inviting Ako and Sasuke in. Sakura paid the man and left, without a word more said. She walked into the bathroom and locked the door, pulling the box out and opening it.

A folded up piece of paper fell out, printed instructions on how to take the test. She read them carefully, she knew how to take the test but there was no harm in being sure. It would take 2 minutes for her results to come in. She was almost too nervous to pee. She did everything she could to entice it out of her, finally succeeding just a tiny bit. The young woman hoped it would be enough for an accurate result. She set the test on the sink and waited. Counting each second as it passed, all the way through 3 minutes, just to be certain.

Finally she was ready to look. As she took the test off the sink, a million thoughts raced through her mind. Every second she had decided on her hopes, her mind and heart told her to feel the opposite. The next thing she knew, she was staring at two light pink lines, staring up at her, confirming that she was indeed pregnant. Tears began flowing heavily out of her eyes, silent, blurring her vision. Happiness washed over her body, excitement drowning out her pain.

She stood and walked out, the test clutched firmly in her hand behind her back. Trembling, the pinkette pulled the test out from behind her back, pointing to it.

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  4. She nodded over his shoulder, her tears once again flowing freely. He pulled away to look at her, his own dark eyes gleaming with wetness. Not a word more was said then, the two dried their eyes and left the small town, hand in hand.

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