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This is good time to incorporate the fruits of previous successes, analyse them, re-look them over and appreciate them for what they were. The whole purpose is to get to know yourself better, to understand your life in a more holistic manner and therefore be better able to take conscious control of it. There is more to life than an intellectual understanding of it; you have to understand the essence of life experiences.

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Taurus: You have lived through an entire gamut of experiences, there has been an entire road show of life; you should come to grips with it all and move ahead on the basis of that understanding. This is the theme for the start of the period. Ganesha wishes you well as you plough ahead. You should watch out for mood swings and tendencies to go under when the chips are down. Post a Comment. Read more. Location: Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. September 26, To know how you will be affected, check out the Sign-wise predictions.

In this article, Ganesha takes a look at the exceptionally gifted Anushka Sharma's Solar Chart and predicts that she is bound to make more noteworthy progress. Check your predictions for this Mercury transit in this article. Having analyzed the foundation chart of the Samajwadi Party, Ganesha, however, concludes that the Congress-SP Alliance will give a boost to Congress, but the SP is unlikely to benefit from it. Read on. Holi- the festival of colours is celebrated every year a day after the Full Moon Purnima in early March.

This is a festival of good harvest and fertility of land. Check how people born under different Zodiac Signs celebrate this Festival of Colours. In this article, check what Ganesha reviews the astrological configurations in the Chart. In this article, Ganesha analyses the planetary factors in the Foundation Chart of D Mart and finds out what the planets indicate for the company.

In this article, we present some interesting aspects about women of each Zodiac Sign. The Venus Retrograde will begin on 4th March, and will end on 15th April, Check this article to know the effects of Venus retrograde in Pisces on all 12 zodiac moon sign. Read on to catch the detailed scoop. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is considered to be one of the most profound thinkers and is regarded highly for his dedication to the craft and intensity.

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Did the planets play a mischievous role? Check how the year will be for him? Yuzvendra Chahal represented India in chess while still a teenager, and now he is creating waves as a leg-break bowler for Team India in cricket. Saturn enters in Sagittarius sign on 26th January, from Scorpio sign. After 23rd January , Saturn will enter into its own sign Capricorn from Sagittarius. It means, Saturn transits in Sagittarius period is 3 years.

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Check this article to know the effects of Saturn enters Sagittarius on you. Get the release date and more details about Rangoon Movie. Check this article to know more about AAP prospects in Punjab election predictions. The Mahashivaratri festival is celebrated on a humongous scale in all parts of the country, and wherever Indians live all over the world.

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Get more details about Maha Shivratri date and time as well as Rituals. Read on to get the detailed scoop.

Ganesha sounds quite optimistic about the prospects of this film and even goes on to say that this will emerge as one of the top entertainers of the year If you have not given any gift then it is not too late. Bitcoin — the biggest of its type in terms of the entire market value, developed by an anonymous group of programmers — Satoshi Nakamoto, has entered its 9th year. Check this article to know about Bitcoin and Ganesha analysis. on Yahoo

Here, Ganesha analyses whether Trump will complete his full term. Mercury — the planet of intelligence, communication and technology will be transiting through the Sign of Capricorn between 3rd February, and 22nd February, Check this article to know the effects of Mercury in Capricorn transit on you. Venus — the planet of love, beauty and luxury will be transiting through its Sign of exaltation — Pisces. Find out how you will be influenced by the enchanting effect of planet Venus.

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Feng Shui is an ancient method of divining good and bad forces and is gaining in popularity. Here are some suggestions to improve your surroundings with flowers and plants. Love is eternal, and men and women inseparable! The masculine and feminine forces, although interchangeable, aim in directions opposite to each other.

Read ahead to find out how women of various Zodiac Signs love and love to loved! If you are a Cancer zodiac sign native then read your yearly finance horoscope which will help you to plan your year ahead. See this article to know what Ganesha predicts for you this year. Now you can plan your year ahead to increase the financial condition. Read this article that gives you an idea about the expectations in this union budget! Said Navjot Singh Sidhu — the man with a funny bone, which can literally make a person roll on the floor laughing. In this article, Ganesha takes a look at his stars and predicts how things will shape up in the near future.

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Ganesha predicts that things may take an unfavourable turn for him and he may not be able to retain his crown. Read on and find out more. This transit of Mars will have diverse effects on the 12 Signs. In this article, Ganesha predicts how the transit will impact our lives in the days to come.

Pisces zodiac sign native can plan their year with the help of tarot forecast Get yearly Pisces tarot reading and predictions free at GaneshaSpeaks. Yes, Raees and Kaabil are going to release on the same day and thus the film circuit seems to be quite electrified about because of this. In the upcoming year, Ganesha advises, after taking into account the Aries horoscope , that natives of this sign need to keep pursuing their tasks with perseverance, and to take good care of finances. Saturn Transit in Sagittarius on 26th January, which is one of the most major planetary phenomenon.

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If you are a Leo Moon Sign native then you should read this article to know the effects of Saturn Transit on your life. With the globally popular video streaming service Netflix making a foray into India, it is widely believed that video consumption habits of Indians will change. Look into this article to know more. It is interesting to read this article on the astrological analysis of India in Ganesha predicts that there will be tremendous activities, which will boost Infrastructure, roads, railway, ports, communication and transportation.

If you are a Cancer Moon Sign native then you should read this article to know the effects of Saturn Transit on your life. England have been struggling in the current series against India. After being nearly whitewashed in the Test series, they lost the first ODI after having scored a formidable If you are a Gemini Moon Sign native then you should read this article to know the effects of Saturn Transit on your life.

Virgo Money Horoscope from GaneshaSpeaks will open the door of your wealth and property in an astrological manner. Gemini Money Horoscope from GaneshaSpeaks will open the door of your wealth and property in an astrological manner. If you are a Taurus Moon Sign native then you should read this article to know the effects of Saturn Transit on your life.