Moon based astrology

Your Moon sign can be determined by a calculation of your full date, place and time of birth. The Moon moves quickly around the zodiac, taking one month to visit all signs and stays in each sign an approximate two-day period, hence, if the Moon is about to ingress to the next sign on the day of your birth, you will need to know your time of birth for an accurate Moon sign placement.

An exact time of birth is always the most favorable, but even if you have an approximate time, depending on how close it is to the Moon changing signs, an astrologer can determine your Moon sign. Emotional ARIES: Aries are ruled by the red-hot, strong-minded planet Mars, and the energy can either be motivating and assertive or determined and aggressive.

What the moon sign indicates

The influence of Mars can make you impulsive, intense and quick to act and overreact. Emotionally, you can be fiery with a short temper. The very essence of Aries needs competitive challenge and strives on a certain level of excitement in any form. And while it is positive to release pent up energy, you can leave the person on the receiving end of your release wounded long after you have moved on. The great thing about Aries from an emotional point of view is you don't hold a grudge—once you get something off your chest, you quickly forgive and forget.

Emotional TAURUS: Love goddess Venus, lover of all things beautiful, rules Taurus and this vibration also influences your inner mood making you a sensitive and caring person, which means you are well liked but can be taken advantage of. When in love, you give your all, but expect the same back. And if you feel suspicious of your partner, you can be possessive and controlling. When your desires are not met or you are disrespected in some way and become hurt, you can close off and repress your emotions, giving you time to sort out in your mind and heart how the land lies.

If treated well, you are open, loving, and sensual; the best ever lover or friend. Your emotions are soothed by your surroundings and you cope better with life if those surroundings provide security and comfort. Emotional GEMINI: Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, you can become bored quickly if there is not enough action to stimulate your mind, and can often be mischievous, and play tricks and mind games, simply for the fun of it; meaning no harm, of course.

Your challenge is to slow down and not fill every moment with constant activity, and this way you can take stock of how you 'feel' rather than how you 'think'. Easy enough one would think, but not so much for a Gemini or Gemini Moon. As soon as your emotions are challenged you can put on your rose colored glasses, preferring to see things the way you want, rather than how they are.

On the other hand, you are clever, curious with a playful nature and when you allow your feelings to show, can be very sentimental and open hearted—a joy to be around! As the Moon changes signs quickly, this constant change can also make you somewhat moody. You operate by your feelings, and even if something logically looks sound, you will rarely go against how you feel, and can make decisions based purely on instincts. You are easily hurt, but have an outer protection the crab's shell and will instinctually pull back and shut down to protect yourself.

You are a savvy operator, a strong person and have an emotional strength that could be referred to as 'fragile steel'. Once the door is closed, it is locked. But treat you well, your depth of emotions are revealed as loyal, protective and nurturing. Emotional LEO: The Sun, being our most powerful force, the center of our solar system, and Leo's ruler, gives you the confidence and stamina to take charge of your life as well as your emotions.

You strive on being the leader, and excel when your talents are recognized and admired. When you are emotionally out of sorts, your natural bossiness can take over, with you being petty and conceited. On the positive side, enthusiastic and extravagant, you are generous of heart and spirit, and care deeply about those who love and support you.

The Full Strawberry Moon In Sagittarius Means It’s Time For Role Play

Your emotions are closely linked to your pride and as you love to be the center of attention, your emotions are heightened when you are out front and proud of whom you are and what you do. Emotional VIRGO: Ruled by Mercury, the thinking planet, you are an intellectual being, emotionally reserved and have a strong sense of self. However, you do have a tendency to over analyze and get too caught up in petty details that can distract your attention from the big picture and how you feel at a heart level. You tend to be critical and picky, but the truth is, Virgo, you are only this way with the people you love and care about, otherwise, they wouldn't even rate on your radar.

You are your emotional best when you can reach out and offer your services to others, but only those who appreciate your efforts. Criticism is also directed at yourself, and you can be your hardest critique, striving for the best, but often an unattainable outcome. The solution — be kind to yourself.

Know more about your Moon Sign in Detail

As you are the sign of the scales, one of the ways you keep your emotions balanced is to continually try to keep your environment, as well as the people you deal with, as harmonious as possible. You seek to get along with people, and can often put their needs before yours in an attempt to keep everything agreeable, which may be good for them, but in the end will unsettle you and upset your equilibrium.

When you go too far in one direction of giving up too much of your own needs, the pendulum can swing the other way, and you feel taken advantage of and can become irritable and snarky. Seek the balance between your needs and those of others — that's the sweet spot. This is determined in accordance with the new and full moon aspects, and other planetary aspects exerting an influence at the time. If you take no action, however, that aspect will pass, and nothing special is likely to happen.

If you work in sync with the universe, you will have better results than if you don't. Astrologers look at the rotation of the various planets and the mathematical angles they make to one another to make forecasts and suggestions. Astrologers glean meaning from those planetary angles by what ancient astrologers observed 2, years ago. Every day brings completely new patterns presented by our solar system, never to be repeated again in time, space or geography. It will always be up to you to develop the talents and opportunities that are indicated in your natal chart.

If you were born in the United States, contact the Department of Vital Statistics in your state capital. You will need to ask for a "vault copy" of your birth certificate for that one would be handwritten. State clearly that you do not want the computer version of your birth certificate.

Prediction Moon Sign Based | Shrivinayaka Astrology

Only a vault copy will include the time of your birth. The computer version of your birth certificate will not include your birth time. If you cannot find the exact time of your birth, try to get as close as you can to whether it's morning, afternoon or evening. It's better to be pretty close than not close at all. Personal Reading. Do you know about your life's purpose? Would you like to know more?

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A personal Astrology Reading is a one-on-one consultation either by phone or in person with me. I need your Day, Time and Birth Place.

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