Globe and mail horoscope january 27 2020

Get up, get out into the world and, maybe, get a new set of friends.

The Great Conjunction in Capricorn 2020

You can make yourself laugh or you can make yourself cry — the effort that goes into those very different reactions is exactly the same. Change your attitude by recognizing that the world is not against you and people are not the enemy. Honesty is by far the best policy now, even if by being honest you upset someone you love. Inevitably, they will thank you later on when they realize that you were right and they were wrong. Just remember that being honest does not mean being brutal. You can be a star or you can be anonymous. That is the message for you as you move into the new week.

It is also possible, of course, that you can be both at the same time. Few things in life come down to an either-or choice. This is not only one of the best times of the year for you but potentially one of the best times of your life. Forget about your worries and woes — just chuck them out — and get busy making the most of your opportunities, of which there are plenty. It may not be true that you never change your mind once it is made up but it takes an awful lot to make you reconsider.

What happens early next week though will make it obvious that you need to think again — and a bit more deeply this time.

Feb 27 1984 Horoscope

The world will adapt to accommodate you. It also means, of course, that there can be no excuses if you get it wrong. Do it once and do it right. You may feel as if you are giving your all but there is much more you can do. Just remember that it is only a game. Take nothing too seriously. The key to an enjoyable life is knowing what to care about. Care most about your own mental and emotional health.

Then there are all the seabirds, seals and whales to observe and photograph, modern scientific bases and field camps to visit and simply the opportunity to spend time drinking in the marvellous landscape that has always enthralled visitors. Lying like stepping stones to the Antarctic continent are the little known Subantarctic Islands.

They break our long journey, but more importantly, they help prepare us for what lies ahead, for these islands are part of the amazing and dynamic Southern Ocean ecosystem of which Antarctica is at the very heart. It is the powerhouse which drives this ecosystem upon which the world depends. All items of a personal nature, laundry, drinks, gratuities. Looking for a taste of what you can expect on our expeditions or want to relive your voyage? Our Trip Reports offer a detailed, day-by-day account of all of our previous expeditions tracking the voyage route and highlighting the numerous wildlife and cultural encounters experienced along the way.

Russian Far East. South Pacific. Subantarctic Islands. Send a message to an Expedition Specialist:. Grab your last-minute luxuries before meeting your fellow expeditioners for an informal get-together over dinner. Enjoy breakfast at the hotel restaurant and exploring some of the local attractions before heading to the Port of Bluff, where you will board Spirit of Enderby. Settle into your cabin and join your expedition team and the captain for a welcome on board.

Take the chance to learn more about the biology and history of these islands and the tempestuous Southern Ocean through informal lectures with our experts. This particular stretch of ocean is very productive and we can expect many seabirds, including five or six kinds of albatross and numerous species of petrel. Characterised by towering cliffs and rugged sea stacks, these islands have borne witness to many a shipwreck in days gone by.

We spend the day ashore on Enderby Island which is, perhaps, the most beautiful of all the Subantarctic Islands. We land in Carnley Harbour and if conditions are suitable, climb to a Shy Albatross colony, otherwise we will explore sites within the harbour.

This remote, rocky outpost which endures roaring westerly winds supports one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in the Southern Hemisphere. Four species of penguin; King, Royal, Rockhopper and Gentoo all breed here.

Hawaiian Serenade

Soaring albatross and petrels circle the vessel as we steam south through the Southern Ocean. Lectures now concentrate on the Ross Sea region and beyond the bow of the ship; drifting icebergs of extraordinary shapes begin to appear.

In the Wake of Scott and Shackleton:

With unpredictable ice and weather conditions, a day-by-day itinerary is not possible, but we assess the conditions daily and take every opportunity to make landings and launch the Zodiacs. You can anticipate wildlife viewing, visits to scientific bases and historic sites, as well as the spectacular white and blue scenery. Curious penguins often come very close, offering superb photographic opportunities. Cape Hallett: The enormous Admiralty Range heralds our arrival; wild and extraordinary, the mountains rear up towering out of the sea to over 4,metres high and are bounded by colossal glaciers.

We make our landing at an abandoned base site, now home to large numbers of Adelie Penguins and Weddell Seals. Franklin Island: Desolately beautiful and rugged, this is home to a large Adelie Penguin population and other nesting seabirds. We attempt a landing and explore the coastline. Possession Islands: Rarely-visited, small and rugged, these rocks support tens of thousands of penguins.

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Just miles from the South Pole, this daunting spectacle prevented many early explorers from venturing further south. If we can reach the bases, we will get a modern perspective on Antarctic Research.

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Terra Nova Bay: An Italian research station where the scientists are always hospitable and enjoy showing us around their lonely but beautiful home. Taking time to rest and enjoy life on board Spirit of Enderby in the bar or library after the excitement and long daylight hours of the Antarctic, we have time for lectures on our final destination and for some pelagic bird spotting. We drop anchor in Perseverance Harbour, an occasional refuge for Southern Right Whales who come here to calve.

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Walk to the nesting site of the Southern Royal Albatross and see the strange and beautiful megaherbs on the hills. These huge wild flowers that have adapted to the harsh conditions have unusual colourings and weirdly-shaped leaves. Relax and reflect on a remarkable journey as you join our experts for a recap of highlights and enjoy a farewell dinner this evening.

We disembark and our adventure ends as we disperse to begin others.

After fond farewells we transfer you to central city hotels or to the airport. NOTE: Voyages disembark in both Invercargill and Christchurch, please see downloadable brochures for the final destination of your selected voyage. They were both built in for polar and oceanographic research and, being fully ice-strengthened, they are perfect for expedition travel.

She carries just 48 passengers and provides comfortable accommodation in twin share cabins approximately half of which have private facilities. All cabins have outsid She carries just 50 passengers and was refurbished in May to provide comfortable accommodation in twin share cabins approximately half of which have private facilities.

All cabins have outside windows o I see so many questions about local weather or a specific date. The Old Farmer's Almanac long-range weather predictions are made way in advance maybe 18 months.

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And it's true that microclimates are different than weather zones but that's a given. You can't expect these predictions to be any more than general and regional. Historically, I have found that the weather shift happen a few weeks prior to what they say or a few weeks after they say. So you have to look at these at trends.

Will it be an extra snowy winter or not? My only hope is that the hard freezes don't hit for as long as possible in Santa Fe. I have beautiful melons I want to ripen, and I give them probably at least 30 days.