Horoscop aries 18 18 february 2020

ARIES 2020-2021 Astrology Annual Horoscope Forecast

For now, the idea is to think and dream big! The November 26 Sagittarius new moon plants the seeds for a visionary venture, perhaps one that involves a long-distance journey, a return to school or developing an entrepreneurial idea. Over the next six months, a couple of those wild notions could turn into something tangible!

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Celebrating Thanksgiving in the U. Choose acceptance instead of swimming upstream. That will certainly help the next day, November 28, if you observe the Thanksgiving holiday.

  1. Mars enters Scorpio.
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This could be a huge career weekend—or just a moment to get deeply rooted in reality—as the moon, social Venus, responsible Saturn and transformational Pluto all gather in Capricorn and your traditional tenth house. Your celebrations could take a turn for the meaningful. The tenth house rules men, especially fathers.

An important male-identified person could provide wisdom and support. Cupid is circling this month as your ruler, passionate Mars, prowls through Libra and your seventh house of committed relationships until November But you need to be focused and single-minded in your pursuits. Give your union the TLC it deserves. Put your partner first every chance you get! Until November 25, amorous Venus is soaring through liberated Sagittarius and your adventurous ninth house.

Even as Mars is spurring you toward commitment, Venus finds freedom a major turn-on. For couples, this is a great cycle to travel together—with the caveat that trickster Mercury is retrograde until November 20 in your eighth house of sex, intimacy and intensity to boot , so there WILL be obstacles to navigate around. One thought: Plan and ticket the trip now but go later. Just having those reservations to look forward to can be exciting for now.

2020 Horoscope

Make like a free bird and spread those wings! These two luminaries only align in your global ninth house every 12 years, and the effect could be epic! In a LTR?

February 2020 monthly horoscope

Focus on ways you can continue to inspire each other to reach new levels of success and happiness. How can you grow together by taking a shared leap of faith? Something to keep in mind: Mercury ends its retrograde in Scorpio on November 20, but the day before, Mars plunges into Scorpio until January 3 , which can drive up smoldering sexiness AND extreme jealousy. Mars can spark a secret attraction or a drive to feel sexier than ever. Are you feeling unsure about trust or angry about a past betrayal?

Get it out into the open and deal directly. Key Dates: November 5: Mars-Pluto square Watch for an eruption of deep-seated issues under this tense clash. Have you been making repeated sacrifices but not getting your own needs met? Inspect to protect!

ARIES February 2020 Horoscope (March 21 – April 19)

This month, extra research is warranted as communication and technology planet Mercury spins retrograde backward until November The messenger planet is reversing through Scorpio and your eighth house of shared assets, which could make for a few tense but necessary conversations around the way you divide up money with a business or romantic partner, a roommate or in any other cooperative setting. Be upfront and honest in the beginning about who is responsible for what to avoid any misunderstandings and resentments.

Pro tip: Everyone buys their own groceries. Trust us. Explore apps that help share expenses, such as Splitwise, which takes out the guesswork—and awkwardness—in money talks. This is further fueled by energizer Mars, which is moving through your partnership houses all month. Until November 19, the red planet is in Libra, pushing you to be more balanced in your interactions. On November 19, Mars plunges into Scorpio and your intense eighth house for the rest of the year, inspiring a deep dive into the details.

If ever there was a time to take the ram by the horns and transform your finances, this is it. Ask your savviest pennywise friends and colleagues to recommend their favored financial planning tools or courses. A major money moment arrives at the November 12 Taurus full moon, which illuminates your second house of finances and security. Cancer, all roads lead to you. They represent the direction we need to go. The Cancer north node is the yellow brick. The key to happiness for the next 18 months is you dear Cancer. If it feels too burdensome, go hang out with Capricorn, and then you will realize how much we need you!

Where Aquarius is in our charts is where we need to be inventive and express ourselves in our own weird and unique way. Cancer, you are full of surprises between the sheets! May I join you sometime? Aries wants to take action and finally deal with issues of self-identity. It's a slow process, don't freak out yet. You are needed right now, Cancer. Please do take good care of yourself. Leo, finally the eclipses are no longer about you! You survived, maybe a relationship did not, your sense of self is intact.

My drama queen, drop the drama. Shower your partner with love. You are the most entertaining and loving sign of the zodiac. You have a huge heart; keep it open and spread that joy.

Those of you who are single, go flirt away. You are so good at it; will you teach me? Get to work, darling. You're focused, determined, and primed to get things done. Recognition is the reward for all that you do, it is your time Leo. It is inspiring you to take action, own your stuff, and heal. You've got eight years to do it.

No hurry. Cheers to love, Leo. Virgo, self-care is a priority in your life. You secretly love the yearly New Moon in Aquarius highlighting your 6th house of health; the daily routine, and work. You can be an OCD geek in this area of your life. You're a touch of the hypochondriac willing to try the "most out there" health craze or the latest gadget. The New Moon, on February 4, is inviting you to indulge yourself with whatever innovation enhances your daily life. Do it. Buy it! Better yet, why don't you develop an app? Become the next Marie Kondo?

I'd only trust a Virgo to organize my life.

He lands in your ninth house of travel, education, and spirituality. You're restless, googling every far-flung place to travel to, or class to take or Guru to meet. Whichever you choose, Virgo, let it enhance your life. You love to learn, fix things and people. Your highest aim is always to serve.

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All noble qualities, be mindful, not everyone wants to be fixed. Chiron deals with our wounds and the power to heal them. It's time to take action, start with baby steps, please. I hope you do develop an app, I need all the help I can get. Lovely Libra, breathe and rejoice!