Gemini 6 january horoscope 2020

Here you will find fertile hunting ground for potential mates.

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This fantastic love-bomb of a conjunction happens once more on Nov 4. The eclipses this year have no real effect on your Gemini Horoscope The outer planets are mainly in low impact houses. The only planet that could be messing with you is Neptune in your 10th house.

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This is great for careers in music, film, the church, mysticism, as a life guru or in divination. Depending on where your actual midheaven is, Neptune can so a really good job of dissolving inauthentic careers that are based purely on material gain. Although rather unfairly, this Neptune square can also help deceptive sorcerers and propagandists do rather well also. All you have to do is decide whether you are using your magic in an honourable way or not.

However, in your Gemini Horoscope it will be quite easy to delude yourself with Neptune.

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Its square to Jupiter might mean that your partner will reflect back to you any black magic tendencies! So your nemesis could also do the same job of acting out your shadow side too. Most of the juicy aspects still come from Jupiter and there is one almighty T-square which is going to be the highlight of for you Gemini. This effect lasts from Sep 2 to This is because the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will line up one by one in Virgo in your home-base squaring Jupiter in your marriage house and opposing Neptune in your career house.

A build-up of planetary energy in these foundational houses means life-changing events are stirred up. But the empty leg of that T-square is what will be impacted, your core being.

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Home Chinese Horoscope Snake Born in: Weekly. Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between February 06, and January 26, If you were born before February 06, , your Chinese zodiac sign is Dragon.


Overview In , you people born in under the Snake sign will conflict with Tai Sui - Grand Duke Jupiter and see the great changes in overall luck. Every aspect will change a lot, which will be both an opportunity and a challenge for you. What you need to do is to face it positively rather than escape from reality.

Meanwhile, you may get frustrated in work and love relationship and shall be prepared and adjust your mindset to face it properly. Wealth Major changes will happen in wealth because you Snakes of will get many opportunities and every decision you make will cause great changes to your life - make great fortune or break the bank overnight.

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  • Stay rational and make smart decisions; never gamble or practice usury, and think twice about risky investment. Career Blessed in career this year, you will get many chances for promotion and salary increase, which in turn constitute the challenge. You Snakes, with excellent capability, may be discontented with the status quo and want to take the opportunity to switch to another job. However, you should think twice because the blind job-hopping will bring you no benefit but dilemma. Of course, it will be a good choice to do the job you like as long as you take full consideration.

    Love Relationship will be a tough year for your love relationship and you may fall out with friends or relatives on some conflicts of interest. Your personality and way of doing things may also make you start a feud with someone and lead to cold relationship with your partner. Therefore, you Snakes of are suggested to handle the interpersonal relationship and communicate properly, and never do something regretful, or it will be too late to regret after you lose it. It's also good place it under your pillow for better luck in love relationship. Health Your health will not be so good this year and you may suffer from a serious illness.

    Fortunately, it will be curable.

    At middle age, the problems caused by your ignore of health and staying up late in youth will come out. What's more, the emotional troubles will make you mentally and physically exhausted, leading to some illness naturally. Therefore, you are suggested not to overdraw your health and work crazily but alternate work with rest. Also, do not think too much as it will make you depressed and harm your health. Overview The overall fortune can be stable for Snakes in