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Now that Jupiter is in ambitious Capricorn, every pleasure must count toward something bigger. How you feel about the direction this partnership has the potential to take could surprise you, but trust your initial reaction to your reflections. It will inform your next step. Finding your better half will simply prove too distracting. Pencil in a winter staycation with your S.

LEO July 23 - August You may be a summer child, Leo , but this chilly time of year will see you positively glowing. Shaking off any wintertime doldrums will come easily as long as you have a creative outlet through which your talents can shine. Time for serious romance will come in the latter half of the month. Despite the attention you garnered in early December, resist the urge to play the field.

As draws to a close, ask yourself who you want to start with, Leo. Virgo August 23 - September Ready to shine, Virgo? Either way, this period is a chance to prove what sort of worker you really are, Virgo. Breathe a sigh of relief on the 21st, when the sun moves into Capricorn, your fellow earth sign. From the 9th onward, your inbox, DMs, and even your physical mailbox will be inundated with quick questions, minor requests, and check-ins galore.

It will, of course, be hard to determine whose messages should take priority, and there is a chance that a few people will be left on read simply because you were busy chatting with someone else.

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Something — or someone — could unexpectedly drop into your life and demand your attention in the days leading up to NYE. Whether you get whisked away to a VIP shindig the day of or run into a potential new flame the week before and forget to go out on the 31st at all, be ready to forge sudden and magnetic connections as December draws to a close. Keep up the chase, Scorpio. Your intensity might be jarring to some, but others, possibly those with similar goals, will be drawn to you because of your passion.

Either way, you could end up attracting more attention than your private sign is accustomed to. Sweet, Scorpionic solitude awaits in the second half of the month, but it will come with a side of warm-and-fuzzies. Not only will you feel compelled to spend time at home with your loved ones, you may even want to reminisce with them about the good old days. Is your nest feeling empty, Sag?

Check out Aries horoscope ! An exciting year Taurus, you are strong, you are passionate and full of energy. Connect with your inner vibration and switch your energies to compassion, care, and gratitude. Tarot card career: This year you might experience some ups and downs, but keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and nothing happens by chance.

What might seem impossible for you to understand could be a blessing in disguise later on. Want to know more about your year? Read your Taurus horoscope.

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  8. You will experience a major change in the way you live and see things; because you have learned valuable lessons from your past mistakes. Now is time for you to use your knowledge and glow! The days will go smoothly with harmony, peace and love. Get more information on your year with Gemini horoscope Your hard work will pay off Cancer in will experience a year full new ventures and tests. All your efforts in the past will be compensated; your hard work and dedication will bring the success and expectations in all areas in your life. Keep that positive attitude within you and meditate often to connect with your inner self.

    The universe is finally ready to bring what you have been asking for. Be thankful for what you already have, the love you have, and stay positive in all circumstances!

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    The career of your dreams is just on the horizon! Will you be successful this year? Check out your Cancer horoscope Love is going to change your life Leo in you will receive a boost of energy that will help you to finish things that were left behind in the past. Endings, conclusion, new chapters, and new beginnings await you, so get ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

    Leo, you are learning to live love by spirit, you are ready for a new level of love that will lead you to appreciate every single living thing in this world. In you will finally learn the meaning of true love. Tarot card career: Dedication is necessary in , Leo. This year take more time to learn about your present career and get involved in it. Leo horoscope reveals everything you need to know about your year! Virgo knows how to get things done, and this year with the help of Jupiter, Virgo will accomplish many goals and wishes! New and important people will come into your life as you increase your knowledge by educating yourself and expanding on your spirituality.

    A profound contact with nature is necessary for you to replenish your body with amazing positive energy. Overall you will be very happy this year, Virgo and will be full of loving and caring moments. Live your best life Libra in you will appreciate life to the fullest, and your imagination and creativity will mean you have a blast!

    A year of blessings, endings and new beginnings is ahead, Libra. Rest assured that you have all the areas in your life covered, you know how to deal with stress and you know exactly how to take care of yourself.

    This year you will enjoy quality time with your loved ones, and if you are single, this year you will find that special someone to warm your heart. You will face important decisions in your career in , so be prepared by meditating and connecting to your Angels for help and support in following your path, dreams and desires. Discover your Libra horoscope here! Love is going to rock your world Scorpio in you will receive pleasant surprises and can expect a busy and fun year ahead!

    Travelling, spending time with new and old friends and amazing moments will fill your year. You have got what it takes to be successful; you know how to make your dreams come true! Love Tarot card: As a passionate Scorpio, love is always available to you, you attract love into your life because you understand the need to appreciate other people.

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    In you will get comfortable in your current relationship and if you are single you will find the path that will lead you to finding your soulmate. New beginnings and prosperity will arise in March, and by the end of the year all the Scorpions will enjoy a more stabilized life financially. Money is a powerful tool for Scorpions, and they know how to make it! Is love in the air?

    Tarot card reading for 2020

    Find out in your Scorpio horoscope A beautiful year ahead Sagittarius in you will experience a spiritual elevation to a higher dimension and will feel closer than ever to the universe. Love Tarot card: Love will come when Sagittarius starts loving themselves first. Love is attraction and in Sagittarius will start loving and pampering themselves, connecting with the frequency of love and care, and attracting the right people into their lives. For the single Sagittarians, you could find love this year and start living your happily ever after.

    Sagittarius will vibrate in a positive and affirmative prosperity and the universe will make the impossible possible. Sagittarius, be thankful for what you have now, and you will be thankful in the future, for all what you have created with your mind and positive emotions.

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    Sagittarius horoscope is totally amazing! Abuses of power could lead to downfall, especially if someone is using power for personal gain or enrichment. Jupiter will be retrograde from May 14th — September 13th. Keep your need for power in check. This transit began in December Let me start out by saying: Saturn adores being in Capricorn.

    Saturn loves structure — and no sign is more structured than Capricorn. This transit favors ambition, building, and power. Set big goals and then commit to them. Go for the gold! This transit is not for the lazy or for those looking for a shortcut. The top is reachable, but not without your full commitment to the work needed to get there. A quote that best sums up this transit comes straight from Game of Thrones my favorite show!

    Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but they refuse. They cling to the realm or the gods, or love. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is. The political stage will be most interesting with Saturn in Capricorn, especially because Pluto is also hanging out in Capricorn.

    Pluto is all about tearing things down and transformation. Saturn brings the muscle to get the work done. This could be a productive time of building new structures that will better support humanity. For example, reforming laws, infrastructure, roads — all of that would be a great thing to focus on during this transit.

    Also, caring for the most vulnerable would be excellent because Saturn in Capricorn has that paternal vibe to it. BUT Saturn in Capricorn can also bring out power struggles between those who want to use their power for good — and those who wish to cling to the systems of old that harmed many. One thing is for sure: the old way is dying.