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Free your work from your own unrealistic expectations, and allow yourself to create for the joy of expressing. If you have been feeling cut off from the stream of creativity, now is the time to reconnect. What happens when new pathways open up? Do you take that metaphorical leap of faith, or do you start imagining the worst? You are standing at a significant crossroads, one that will lead you to the life you have always dreamed of. Be aware of your resistance, Libra, and the old tape that playing in your head.

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When existential crisis hits hard, take that as your cue to peel away the layers of conditioning. Spirituality and soul-searching take centre stage this week. You realise that the answers you seek will come to you once you distance yourself from the world you have created. But before you truly come into your light, you have to do away with the darkness that continues to imprison you. Connect with your higher self, Sagittarius, and ask her which are the parts of you that have served their purpose.

Cosmic tip: This is a time of coming into your own light. Let your higher self guide you. The Universe has left you with no option to practice the art of surrender.

February 22 – February 28

Everything will materialise at the perfect time, of that you can be sure. If you had the power to co-create, what would your life look like? Thoughts become things, Aquarius. This is the week to discover what a magickal being you are; so full of love and light! Your creative life is also highlighted at the moment.

Your revelations this week: the comfort zone is but an illusion. This is a week of endings, Pisces. You may feel like a lot is being taken away from you, but instead of going into victim space, rise above. Connect with your higher self. You might risk a lot to feel close to someone and should probably resist the urge to force matters.

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But a powerful new attraction or sexy sparks in an existing relationship may be just the shakeup your love life needs. So relax and enjoy impromptu bonding with family or someone you can let your hair down with. Or unwind solo at Chez Virgo and perhaps discover something new about yourself in the process of reflecting. Mars and Pluto are at odds, so conflict may be hard to avoid this week.

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An interaction could bring out powerful emotions in you, and ignoring inner turbulence will make matters worse. Libras sometimes sweep stuff under the rug to keep the peace and end up projecting their own issues onto others instead of facing them squarely. Try your best not to overreact if someone provokes you. Fortunately, your ruling planet is harmonizing with Uranus in your interpersonal angle, reminding you to see the unique beauty in everyone and welcome love however it shows up in your life.

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Chance encounters and spontaneous expressions of feeling will keep life interesting and fun. After Venus slips down to the base of your chart for a four-week visit, the pleasures of home and family gain added appeal.

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Saturn in your thinking-and-talking corner will huddle with Neptune in your joy sector this week, the first of their three meetings the next two are on June 18 and November 8. Your default modes of thinking have a major impact on your perception of reality; working on changing your habitual thought patterns can bring your elusive ideals of love and happiness within reach. You can actualize what you yearn for by developing new ways of processing info, looking at the world and expressing yourself.

A writing project may capture a great deal of your attention this year, and in general, you want your creative contributions to matter. Your co-ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, are fighting with each other on Friday, so watch your critical tone, as it can do more damage than you intend.

CANCER Weekly Horoscope for January 28 - February 3, 2018

Coworkers, siblings, neighbors and other people in your everyday life are likely to be on the receiving end. Venus and Uranus gel the next day, encouraging you to find original ways to use what you have going for you. Venus changes signs on Sunday, nudging you to notice the love and beauty all around you and tell people how you feel.

Starting this week, Saturn in your worth house will hold conferences with Neptune in your foundation angle the next ones are in June and November , and for Sag, these get-togethers are all about security. Working hard to become more self-reliant will gradually build up your sense of material and financial security and show you that you can survive in the world as an adult. With Mars and Pluto skirmishing on Friday, however, any desire to play it safe could go straight out the window when an impulsive risk threatens your bottom line.

Consider your core values and priorities before taking a leap to get what you think you want. Still, this might be an opportune moment to transform a hobby into a moneymaking venture! Can you get an activity you enjoy to pay for itself and even bring in steady income? Venus in Sagittarius is in cahoots with Uranus in your fulfillment zone, hinting that your greatest pleasures may lie off the beaten path.

Shake things up so life keeps you guessing, whether that entails an unorthodox attraction, an artistic risk or an out-of-the-blue adventure.

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With Venus exiting your sign on Sunday and entering your worth house, shopping could be more appealing than socializing, as your desires become more pronounced. Lucky for you, money should flow in as easily as it flows out. On Tuesday, Saturn in Capricorn holds his first summit with Neptune, and they have two follow-up meetings scheduled for June 18 and November 8.

Your interactions will have a kind, compassionate tone that melts any icy reserve you may be protecting yourself with. Since Mars is throwing darts at Pluto in Cap on Friday, domestic strife could get out of hand, and your first instinct may be to tighten your grip. Try to remember that control is an illusion and acting like a control freak is a stressful strategy — for you and for those around you. Even if you feel provoked, you can direct this potent energy in a positive direction. Face your feelings, let go of stuck anger and confront the past if necessary.

Thankfully, Venus is playing nice with Uranus, giving you a chance to release old feelings and free yourself from the grip of your personal history. Go ahead and use that magnetism to get what and whom! Skip to content. Still, a Mars-Jupiter transit encourages you to stay active, and you can manage this by channeling your energy into something else while you process your feelings. With Mars in your family and home sector, an engaging domestic project or activity may be precisely what you need.

You're confident about solving problems today. Full Moons always pit opposite signs of the zodiac against each other but also invite us to work to achieve a balance between the opposing energies. The contrast between earthy, practical, peace-loving Taurus and emotional, transformative, crisis-oriented Scorpio comes full bloom at this time. The Moon in Taurus wants us to find emotional fulfillment through the simple, tangible things in life, while the Scorpio Sun draws our attention to complexities, intangibles, and mysteries.

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This is a passionate and creative Full Moon, ripe with possibilities and learning experiences. Intimate relationship matters, such as personal comfort levels and values as well as sexuality, figure prominently now. The Full Moon is a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of that which began at the New Moon. It is an emotional time—a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships. A new look at a lingering problem or matter can figure strongly now. Also today, Mars forms a sextile to Jupiter, and we are enthusiastic about taking action to make changes and improvements. Decisive action comes naturally.

We are more courageous and energetic than usual, and we can benefit greatly if we direct this energy into efforts to advance our goals. A spirit of friendly competition prevails as we seek to branch out and take on more challenges. This influence encourages enterprise and confidence in taking action on our beliefs and convictions. Horoscope Overview for November for Cancer:. November brings opportunities to enjoy yourself and advance your goals, dear Cancer.

There is a stronger focus on pleasure, recreation, hobbies, and love than usual, and perhaps some complications or backtracking related to these matters. At the same time, you're in an excellent place to enjoy your tasks, work, chores, and health pursuits. Opportunities can come through your special attention to your obligations. A partner or good friend may inspire you to reach new heights, learn and do new things, and generally live your life more fully.

While some things remain up in the air, on a higher level, you're feeling a little more directed and confident that you'll find the right path. Mercury is retrograde in your sector of creativity and joy until the 20th, turning your attention to the past. To clear the way for a fresh start, you may need to take care of some unfinished business.

Projects might be on hold until you finish up some important details. Romantic relationships can be a little complicated, or you may be focusing on a past connection. Those projects or connections that have been holding you back from expressing your true, creative self may come under scrutiny.

Try not to spend too much time waiting for something to happen since retrograde Mercury periods are notorious for delays and obstacles. Instead, pour your energies into what you know will bear fruit while keeping things open in the ambiguous areas of your life. Especially around the , you're likely to gain insight into a creative or romantic matter.